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50 High Protein Smoothie Recipes 

If you want to lose weight and feel healthier, high protein smoothies are a great fitness snack that can help you pack in vitamins and minerals, as well as helping you get more protein into your diet!

Not only are these smoothies delicious, but they are also full of protein, full of fruit and full of antioxidants. They are great to have as a nutritious breakfast or as a healthy, high protein snack on the go.

Smoothies can also help keep your hunger at bay and stop you reaching for unhealthy snacks before lunchtime hits. Slightly tweak the ingredients or serving sizes and they can help anyone hit their fitness targets, regardless if they want to bulk up and add muscle or slim down and lose fat.

With over 50 amazing high protein recipes collected here from some brilliant food blogs, there are so many different flavours and types, try as many as you like and let us know what you think!

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