#7 #Healthy #Iced #Coffee #Protein #Shake #Recipes #for #Weight #Loss

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7 Healthy Iced Coffee Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss

Try these healthy iced coffee protein shake recipes for weight loss to start your morning on the right foot! These healthy recipes will help you lose weight fast.

We all know caffeine is great in the morning to get us started and be productive, but… Did you know caffeine also helps you to lose weight? (see this study)

This is because caffeine can speed up your metabolism, which makes you burn fat without exercising, nor doing anything in particular.

This is why I put together a list of 7 healthy iced coffee protein shake recipes, to combine both caffeine and protein, for the perfect weight loss recipes.

You do know that protein is the best macronutrient to lose weight, right? (Again, if you like to read studies…)

So, let’s get started!

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